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Go through the picture below,from the site of our premier space research organisation, ISRO.
Triskaidekaphobia ISRO

Where is PSLV-C13?…what u feel?…cry or laugh?..Its is missing from the series.Triskaidekaphobia??. yes the fear of 13. Its a great shame, that our premier research centre is biased towards hoax astrological logics.Triskaidekaphobia is not even a subject in Indian Mythology. Shame dear “Scientists”( not scientists but technocrats I believe).Believable sources says that there is not even staff bus numbers and room numbers with 13 in ISRO centres,instead they have 12A and the next of it as 14!!!!

Hope Indian science will go ahead far, with this type of innovative approaches 🙂

Shame ISRO shame!!!!!!


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