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The Old Year has gone.  Let the dead past bury its own dead.  The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time.  All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!  ~Edward Payson Powell

Cheer up!!… Its a New Year with no end for hope


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World blood donors day June 14 poster

June14th is the World blood donor Day(WBDD).There is a need for more people to donate blood on a regular basis, especially in developing countries where blood shortages are particularly acute.WBDD is held  each year as a worldwide celebration to honor and thank those people who donate their blood on a voluntary, unpaid basis: it is a special day to acknowledge these donors who are providing the strongest foundation for a safe and sustainable blood supply.

If you’re a donor, you are great, and every day thousands of people rely on blood and blood products helping then to recover from illness ranging from accidents, surgery severe burns, chemotherapy, hemorrhoids and many more. There are little people whose lives haven’t been touched by donated blood. If you haven’t donated before, it’s never too late to start. Do you know that, less than 3.5% of the eligible population donates now? It doesn’t hurt; it takes less than an hour. Your donation can help up to three people when they split it into whole blood, platelets and plasma, and even you can burn off 650 calories in a single donation!

Do you feel you don’t have much to offer? You have the most precious resource of all: the ability to save a life! Help share this invaluable gift with someone in need.

Donate and share, because, we need each other.

Courtesy and for more details■■■ www.wbdd.org

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Surely you will believe that the next year will be better than the gone one! There is no wrong in that. Because expectations are always good, no matter what happens, and mostly it happens the most unexpected. May this New Year give you what you urge and what you wish in secret. May it always bless you with true gifts. I wish my friends and well wishers a happy, affluent 2009.

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What is love and Marriage …?

From an email i got....

A student asks a teacher, “What is love?”

The teacher said, “in order to answer your question, go to the wheat

field and choose the biggest wheat and come back. But the rule is: you

can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick.” The

student went to the field, go thru first row, he saw one big wheat,

but he wonders….may be there is a bigger one later. Then he saw

another bigger one… but may be there is an even bigger one waiting

for him. Later, when he finished more than half of the wheat field, he

start to realize that the wheat is not as big as the previous one he

saw, he know he has missed the biggest one, and he regretted. So, he

ended up went back to the teacher with empty hand. The teacher told

him, “…this is love… you keep looking for a better one, but when

later you realize, you have already miss the person…. “

What is marriage then?” the student asked.

The teacher said, “in order to answer your question, go to the corn

field and choose the biggest corn and come back. But the rule is: you

can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick.”

The student went to the corn field, this time he is careful not to

repeat the previous mistake, when he reach the middle of the field, he

has picked one medium corn that he feel satisfy, and come back to the


The teacher told him, “this time you bring back a corn…. you look

for one that is just nice, and you have faith and believe this is the

best one you get…. this is marriage.”

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